Name Art and Name Calligraphy

Name Art, also known as Name Calligraphy, is traditional Korean folk art of 1,000 year old history. In ancient times, using his name to draw the beautiful colors of the rainbow that came down from heaven dancing with the angels riding the rainbow, there is a legend that had disappeared between the clouds. People are beautiful. With "The Name of the Angel", we believe that angels protect us from replica tag heuer evil spirits and misfortune by having a name art painting.

Name Art by Name of the Angel: Name Calligraphy.

Symbols in Name Art

Symbols appearing in Name Art or Name Calligraphy have the following meanings;

  • Bamboo: patience: honesty, intelligence.
  • Peacock: wealth, peace, love.
  • Lotus: generosity, fortune, love.
  • Pears: endurance.
  • Sun: hope, trust, love.
  • Mountains: endurance, hardship.
  • Cactus: patience, hope.
  • and so on.

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