korea1.gif A picture of four gracious plants.

A simple portrait is a representation of a human's features and shapes. The portrait is different compared to an ordinary painting. Portrait painting needs to a show something of a person's inner feelings and personality. Therefore itrequires a very high level of skill to paint it.




Plum blossoms 


The four gracious plants are: plum blossoms, orchid, chrysanthemums and bamboo. The (specialties and advantage of each) plants are called the man of virtue. In other words, a man who is virtuous and has intellectual ability. So they are called the four gracious plants. The name has no definite place of origin. It is approximated that it most likely stems from the Myung Dynasty.

The material of this picture is from the traditional oriental Yin Yang Five Earth ideologies and those from the super natural world, the symbol of ten ageless elements. This type of painting was common with the Korean elite and therefore it is called the picture of the four gracious plants.