korea1.gif The ten ageless elements.

The ten ageless elements are; the sun, mountains, rocks, clouds, pine trees, turtles, storks, and deers. These elements are not always exclusively used. Sometimes these elements are removed or combined with others. The ten ageless elements are placed by this variety of long living things. It is painted with magnificent deep primary colours and creates a fascinating unreal atmosphere. Within the same Asian cultures, Chinese and Japanese styles are quite different to Korean; they are more rigid and calm. Furthermore they only use two or three elements in one picture.


korea1.gif Materials


Water and pine tree : These represent long life. Also this is a symbol of the supernatural world.


Stork : The stork is thought of highly, as is the phoenix in China. This animal is regarded as a messenger according to a Taoist hermit. Therefore people regard the stork as a mysterious animal.


Plant of elixir of life : With the medicine, the elixir of life, this plant is from the supernatural world.


Cloud : With mist, the various colours of the cloud are regarded as orginating from the supernatural world.


Peach Tree : This is not included in the ten elements but does have a connection to the supernatural world.


Turtle : The turtle is symbol of long life as well as spiritual being, according to a Taoist hermit.


The Sun and Moon : As the sun and moon shine forever, this represents the desire for having life.


We all start to die from birth. For fear of dying, people wish to have a youthful and long life. Therefore people are searching for an answer. This desire for an elixir of life created a belief in the existence of a supernatural world. This desire brought people to make 'the ten ageless elementsí».