The Yin Yang and five earth ideologies consist of extinction, growth and transformation of Yin and Yang. Water, fire, wood, gold and soil, these five earth ideologies came from the Yin Yang ideology. The movement of the universe and natural phenomena can be explained through the Yin Yang Five Earth ideology. Originally the Yin Yang ideology and the five earth ideology were separate from each other. But were combined at the period of the Chinese Civil war.


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Yin Yang and Five Earth Ideology is an exposition of creation and a transformation of the sky and earth. The earth consists of wood, fire, soil, gold and water.

The arrangement of wood, fire, soil and gold and water is according to the circulation of nature. For example when wood grows, it needs water, fire needs a tree(wood), the ashes which follow the fire become soil and gold comes from the soil. This is a perfect harmony. If any one element crosses another it is called a conflict relationship.